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Most recent selfie


Hello! My name is Daniel Holme Huglen, a 21 year old man currently studying Games Technology at Kingston university in London. I was born and raised in Norway, growing up near forest and sea in a small town called Larvik.

My hobbies and interests include skiing (cross country and downhill), swimming, movies, books, music, internet culture, computer technology and of course, my greatest passion, video games.

I've wanted to create video games for as long as I remember, and never really saw myself in any other career. I haven't always known what that path would entail, but the closer I get to the finish line the surer I am it's the right choice for me. After having experimented with different roles in the production cycle, I find I mostly enjoy gameplay and AI programming, quality assurance and environment design. Though my skills are more refined in some areas than others, I feel comfortable saying that I have a grasp on most aspects in game development.

Ever since I learned how to use a camera, I've experimented with different types of visual media like photography and videos. It started out by recording the screen with a digital camera, moved on to using screen capturing software, and ended up graduating upper secondary school studying Media and Communications, majoring in video production. I now create video- and Photoshop edits in my spare time regularly to keep my skills up to date and refined, while as a full time student I develop games during working hours.

If you would like to follow me on social media I can be reached at:

Instagram: @thepyroic

Snapchat: thepyroic

Youtube: /thepyroic

Twitter: @DanielHuglen





CV is available upon request.